I conduct research at the intersection of Systems and HCI. My passion is to develop novel technologies that address authentic, meaningful social and organizational problems. I collaborate with domain experts across different fields to understand and document challenges and work with stakeholders to design technology solutions. I leverage these designs and knowledge to build complex interactive systems that are put into practice and evaluated to understand, and learn from, the impact on human behavior and change to work practice.

Prior to joining the School of Computing and Information, I was a Principal Scientist and Research Group Leader at FX Palo Alto Laboratory. At FXPAL, my team focused on developing IoT technologies and applications to transform the future of work. I led the creation of complex cloud-based distributed systems, large deployments of sensors and devices, and formal evaluations of authentic use in day-to-day operations. These deployments exist in both research and commercial settings in some of the world’s largest organizations.

Graduate Students

I am currently seeking motivated graduate students for funded research opportunities. Please stop by my office or send mail if you are interested in pursuing a research project with me.